We use two sizes of French Press pots in the café: the Bodum four-cup and the eight-cup. For the four-cup we use 28 grams of coffee, and for the eight-cup, 56 grams.

  • Using a coarse setting, grind to the consistency of breadcrumbs.

  • Preheat the glass beaker with boiling water and discard.

  • Add your ground coffee to the beaker.

  • Add boiling water (about 205 degrees) to the coffee, saturating all the grinds and filling to just less than halfway. Set your timer to four minutes and start it.

  • Let the coffee bloom for one minute and then stir. Pour the rest of the water to the top of the metal ring that holds the beaker handle. Place the plunger lid on top of beaker but do not plunge.

  • After four minutes plunge slowly and serve. (Do not force plunger if there is resistance: just lift plunger slightly upward and press back down slowly.)

  • Sip accordingly. 

Taking it over the finish line... For best results always use fresh coffee, filtered water, and a quality burr grinder. While it may sound complicated, we highly recommend using a timer and a scale with a tare so that every factor – coffee weight, water weight, pouring time – is consistent. This makes the process easy and eliminates guesswork so you’re always confident you can replicate yesterday’s brilliant cup.