BURUNDI | Gahahe Natural, 12oz

BURUNDI | Gahahe Natural, 12oz


CUPPING NOTES: Velvety mouthfeel, strawberry, orange peel, lively sweetness.

Gahahe was built in 1989 in the Kayanza commune and province. The name ‘Gahahe’ comes from the igihahe trees that were once found in this region. Due to the number of these trees in this region, the Kirundi phrase kubavomere batumisha was used to describe the land which means ‘always covered in green’

During the harvest season this washing station processes over 600 tons of coffee cherries from its 1250 members, and has a monitoring system in place to ensure coffee traceability. This extra effort has paid off - the Gahahe Washing Station won 7th and 17th place in the Burundi Cup of Excellence competition in 2014, and took 4th place in 2015.

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